AIP UUID: c21c8da8-4e4b-4745-b6fc-8d586f3af6f0

METS File: METS.c21c8da8-4e4b-4745-b6fc-8d586f3af6f0.xml

Descriptive metadata

Description: None

Format: 5.25" floppy disks (1)

Identifier: AP200.S3.037.01

Publisher: Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Date: 1982

Ispartof: AP200

Source: AR2017.0143

Creator: American Institute of Architects

Title: PCsoftware, PCcrayon, DOS

Original files (count: 3)

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objects/AP200_S3_037_01_01.img Unknown 163840 2019-02-18T18:43:37 727d7002-6863-4bbf-b669-4aabd716393e
objects/AP200_S3_037_01_01.log Plain Text None x-fmt/62 23250 2019-02-18T18:43:37 0e400df1-a35d-4431-9b67-f572e596f55d
objects/cifs6df Unknown 163840 2019-02-18T18:38:17 60889b35-a044-4a1d-b655-6789c4960c19